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My name is Melvin & I have been a Walt Disney World fan since looking at the WDW commercials in the 1980's & watching Mickey Mouse stand on top of Spaceship Earth at EPCOT. My love has grown every since. I started going in 1996 and taking my family. Since then, we've visited the 4 Disney parks and the 2 Universal Orlando parks and have fallen in love with not only the theme parks, but also the area itself. From the time we arrive in Orlando from the airport or drive in we are excited and every problem in the outside world is gone. This is my passion & love. There is nothing I'd rather be doing than covering the Orlando Attractions. We also have a travel site & as a travel advisor, I can help you plan the perfect Orlando vacation. Visit for all your travel needs



Our mission at Carr Moad Vacations is make sure everyone has the best time ever in Orlando. We will give you tips & trips to maximize your time, money, & fun.



Our vision is simple. To help everyone do all & see all they want to in Orlando, by having the most detailed website and travel site in the industry. Your happiness is our top priority & if your vacation is not good,  then we failed. We do not like to fail.

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