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A new vision for Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando Florida is being talked about. Since the park's inception, Dinoland has been a fixture. With dig site and a play area, it was obviously a fit and a hit with kids. The thrill ride Countdown to Extinction has people screaming & was eventually updated to Dinosaur. In Hester & Chester's Dinorama, a couple of rides emerged. There was a spinning ride similar to Dumbo called TriceraTops Spin, and & a rollercoaster called Primeval Whirl. With a carnival feel in a parking lot on the side of Route 66, Chester & Hester tried reel in travelers to their sideshow carnival.

Now, since the shutdown of 2020 due to COVID-19, Primeval Whirl never reopened due to the coaster maker going out of business & no way to service the coaster. It has since been removed. Now there have been rumors of an Indiana Jones land, but it appears Moana & Dinotopia have won out. In the artists rendering we see a log flume type ride similar to Splash Mountain, & a retheming of Triceratops Spine. What else? We don't know yet, & there has not been any artist renderings on Dinotopia, though Disney could remodel it after the Dinotopia opening in Shanghai Disney. Though there is no opening date planned, one would have to think it may soon to battle the upcoming Epic Universe from Universal Orlando. This was exciting news from D23 & coupled w/the talk of expanding Magic Kingdom with a Coco, Encanto, & a Villains kingdom, Disney may be able to stay king of theme parks. But they better hurry, & it better be if not a home run, a triple. As soon as we hear anything else about the upcoming projects, including the possible Wreck it Ralph or Ralph Breaks the Internet attraction replacing Stitches Great Escape in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom, we'll let you know. Please visit our Youtube page Orlando Family Fun & join the family. GOD bless.

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