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Weird things are happening over at Test Track in EPCOT. For the past week the ride has been closing early. EPCOT is scheduled to close at 9:00PM but Test Track will close two and a half hours earlier at 6:30PM. This is now the fifth evening it will have closed early, three times early last week, yesterday and also today. The reason for this closure is thought to be for routine maintenance but nothing has been officially announced.

Test Track is one of the most popular rides at EPCOT. It takes you through the testing ground of an auto. You test the brakes, the steering, heat, cold & the coup de grace at 65 mile an hour jaunt around a track that will make you giddy. Disney appears to be doing minor refurbs on the ride rather than taking it down during the 50th Anniversary celebration.

All rides needs to be taken down for maintenance & if Disney found a way to do it while keeping it open for the fans, I'm all for it. This may be the last night of early closure. For fans of the ride some time on it is better than no time on it. According to the Walt Disney World calendar, Test Track is set to be open the whole time EPCOT is open which is 9:00PM for the foreseeable future.

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