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Some interesting new on a new Universal Orlando program for the bathrooms in the park. Universal is going to start giving each bathroom its own individual scents inside. So the bathrooms in the New York lot will have a different scent than the bathrooms in Springfield, Woody Woodpecker Kid Zone & San Francisco. Hopefully they will have scents that are pleasant & represent the areas good. Next time you go, see if you can tell the difference.

Next interesting news of scents comes from ET. The classic smell that we have come to know & love in the forest queue, will soon be ending.

Walking the forest scene of ET, is one of the best walkthroughs of any queue. It's very beautiful & feels like you're really walking through a California forest. But one of the things that makes the queue so realistic is the aroma of pine that fills the air. Starting now, Universal will no longer pump that scent into the queue. The company that supplies that scent went out of business.

Currently, there are no plans to plans to find a replacement company to pump the pine scent into the queue, so for right now they are going to let the scent basically dissipate then what ever scent settles in, will be the new scent. So sad. That is definitely a classic scent. If there is any more development to the story, I will let you know.

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